My love of hearts started early. For my 7th birthday my mother gave me a heart locket and almost every gift since then, from paperweights to pajamas, has incorporated the motif. In turn, I started giving my mother heart gifts, beginning with heart-shaped stones and shells that my sister and I would search for on the beach.
To me there is something about a heart that is obviously sentimental, but I think the shape is also really simple and beautiful. When I began designing the AERIN line, I knew I wanted to include a few hearts from my Heart Nesting Dishes to the Patmos Heart Necklace to the Cream Shagreen Heart Box.
I think they make wonderful gifts. I’ve even given a few to my mom.

Product from top left to right: Heart Nesting DishesPatmos Heart Necklace, Pyrite HeartLarge Carved Quartz Heart, Cream Shagreen Heart BoxHeart Wine Stopper.