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Rachel Halvorson

Rachel Halvorson

The Nashville-based designer, Rachel Halvorson, is known for creating stylish spaces that are comfortable to live in. I love how she styled the AERIN Gaios Table Lamp in an Alabama property, with a palette inspired by the blues and greens of the ocean paired with touches of lilac and coral. Here is how she did it:

Out of all of the rooms I styled the lamp in, this family room is my favorite. It was designed around a soft watercolor palette, creating a calming atmosphere that is glamorous and playful. We added the raspberry tufted ottoman as a wild card to prevent it from feeling too serious. The structured lines of the fireplace and bookcases—filled with the clients’ favorite colors and objects collected during their travels—contrast nicely with the curves in the upholstery and the soft, round shape of the Gaios lamp. It enlivens the room without taking away from its serenity. Oscar the dog adds some extra appeal!

This side table sits in the middle of the family room, so I styled it like I would a coffee table, choosing items that look good from all angles. The shade of the Gaios lamp is reminiscent of reflective ocean water, so it seemed appropriate to pair it with coral. Flowers in a mint julep cup are always a staple of mine, as are dishes in which to put bits and pieces like jewelry, while you play with the children. My client found the pink marble balls at an antique market. They are the perfect color for this room and their shape echoes the sculptural beauty of the Gaios.    

This living room has a complicated layout because the sofa is centered on the fireplace. We played up the asymmetry by hanging two Michelle Armas paintings above the sofa. The Gaios lamp worked well in this spot by balancing out the large sofa and coffee table. Layering different textures and finishes is key when designing any room, and the Gaios’s glaze provided a much-needed new texture to finish the space. The subtle variations in color create a sense of depth and interest.

To balance out the lamp with a different shape, I selected a small painting on canvas by my clients’ favorite artist and friend, Ashley Longshore. By keeping the accessories to a minimum I was able to enhance the artwork without adding too much distraction. I love the layering of color and finishes in this vignette—the matte finish of the larger painting is a lovely backdrop for the luminous, glossy accessories and the antique chest. The teal vase of white roses and greenery pull the subtle variations of color together.

This spot in the living room is seen from the entrance, and is therefore an immediate focal point. I wanted something large in scale to avoid the dreaded empty corner, and to echo the blues on the opposite wall. In a room full of bold statements, the Gaios turned out to be a unifying piece, while still managing to stand on its own. In terms of accessories, empty corners of a room tend to be the hardest spaces to fill. You want to add height and depth, but not too much that your eye stops there. It’s all about balance. I chose a small watercolor painting (a personal favorite of my clients), a vintage family photograph, a traditional floral dish from the family’s china collection, and a teal vase full of green and white flowers. Here, the accessories blend into the background and serve as a perfect backdrop to show off the sculptural beauty of the gold table and the lamp.  

A Word on Accessories
When clients ask me to pick out accessories, I always say, “only if we can go shopping in your parents’ attic.” The little things need to be objects that you love. Remember that balance is essential; the Gaios lamp, for example, is large, so smaller accessories disappear while the larger accessories compete with it. I am constantly rearranging books, artwork, and objects, finding new places for accessories to keep rooms feeling fresh and lived in. Adding accessories for the sake of accessorizing just adds clutter and distracts from the best design elements in a room. Editing is key! 

Rachel Halvorson

Photography by Paige Rumore


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