After 12 years of raising boys absolutely nothing fazes me. I am constantly picking up dirty clothes and sports gear off of the floor. There is always something broken (lacrosse balls and windows just don’t mix). I still have to remind them to brush their teeth, brush their hair, and not sleep in their clothes. When I pack their toothbrushes for a sleepover, I am almost positive that they are never going to use them!

My current life as the only woman in the house is the complete opposite of how I grew up. I had one sister, went to an all-girls school, and was surrounded by the beauty business. So when I had boys, I entered a completely unfamiliar world. In the beginning, I was so nervous and cautious. I dressed them in cute outfits and said the phrase “be careful” way too much. I learned all too quickly that the key to being the mom of two active boys is to relax and laugh often. That is how I just survived a sleepover with eight 12-year-olds in my apartment. Every time I checked on them they were doing something typically rambunctious like sneaking candy, trying to watch Borat, or drawing on their friends who managed to fall asleep. Life with boys is always exciting.

I often feel like I inhabit two different worlds. There is the feminine world of the work that I do, and then there is my all-boy home life. I so love going to the office and focusing on beauty, design, and color. However, nothing beats coming home to the happy chaos and laughter that is life with my boys – even if it includes broken windows, mud everywhere, and football jerseys instead of cute clothes.