Super Bowl Party

To be totally honest, the Super Bowl wasn’t really on my radar before I had boys. But with two boys who eat, sleep, and breathe football, I think it is important to not only watch, but really get into it by hosting a little Super Bowl party every year and rooting for a team.  Of course my favorite part of Super Bowl night, besides the ads, might just be the food. It’s always an excuse to be totally unhealthy and order great takeout. For my husband, the boys and their friends, hot wings, fried chicken, poppers, and a stack of Domino’s delivery Crispy Thin Crust Pizzas are always a hit.  Bottled drinks like Cherry Cokes, Maine Root Beer, Fresh brand Ginger Ale, Redhook Brewery beers and Budweisers are always served in a big drinks tub filled with ice. I even had Lori Jayne Monogramming customize the tub so it says Super Bowl on the side. After all these years, I am actually starting to enjoy football….kind of.