When I was a little girl, my sister Jane and I loved to host tea parties.  We would invite my parents or our friends, but if we didn’t have enough guests
our favorite stuffed animals filled in.  Half the fun was preparing for the big event.  We would dress up in our favorite clothes, put on our Mary Janes,
and make our hair as fancy as possible. We layered the table with patterned tea sets and mismatched tablecloths and napkins. We would borrow fresh flowers
from my mother or pretty paperweights from her desk—anything to make it look like a real party. The best thing about tea parties, however,
was that they were a terrific excuse for cupcakes, macaroons, cookies, or chocolates.

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Carved Apatite Heart and Small Floral Vase available at
Table & Chairs: Courtesy of Suiteny.comDesigner Hans J. Wegner, Description Peter’s Table & Chair Designed 1944
Stuffed Animals: courtesy of Sweet William
Tea Set: F.A.O. Schwarz